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Robotic Device Technologies

Induction Power Transfer and More

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The Transferral of Technologies

Technology Transfer

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Revolutionising Elderly Care

Healthcare Assistive Technology

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How do humans and robots interact?

Human Robot Interaction

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Software Systems for Robotics

Robotic Software Systems

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About Us

Learn about the Robotics Research Group


CARES is an interdisciplinary research hub with a mission to create inspiring and innovative robotic technologies that improve societal wellbeing

What Distinguishes Us

Excellence – We deliver high impact and internationally-renowned robotics research and technologies.

Impact – We are changing the world by providing innovative and effective solutions to challenges in healthcare, manufacturing, primary industries, education, service industries and fundamental science.

Broad capabilities – Our highly talented and diverse team have experience across the field of robotics and automation, including in the areas of human robot interaction, artificial intelligence, digital realities, robot software, sensing, speech, navigation, and hardware technologies.

Interdisciplinary – Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers, health practitioners, gerontologists, psychologists and computer scientists are highly collaborative throughout all stages of research.

Global partnerships – Based at New Zealand’s leading university, we have access to the largest research commercialisation company of its kind in Australasia, UniServices, and have established commercial and research partnerships across the globe.

Ideal test bed - Operating within New Zealand, we take advantage of the unique opportunities of a small and heterogenous market with an accessible regulatory framework – this makes us an ideal test bed for new technologies.  (The NZ public sector was also ranked least corrupt on the planet in the 2016 Corruption Perception Index!)

User centric – We consistently involve end users and stakeholders in the design and development of solutions and have ready access to industry, clinical experts and patients for user trials and test facilities.

Latest News

Nethra at ISPGR

A Step Closer to Preventing Falls

Falls and injuries in older people are associated with specific gait parameters.  PhD student, Nethra Ganesh, is developing a real-world gait parameter assessment using body worn sensors.  This enables physical activity and walking episodes to be measured outside a laboratory, with a view to preventing falls.   Nethra presented her phase one findings recently at the 2017 International Society of […]

Paro Companion Robot

Improving Health Using Robots

Inspired by the science fiction stories of her childhood, and Isaac Assimov’s books in particular, Associate Professor Liz Broadbent has chosen a career pathway that spans engineering, health psychology and robots.  On Sunday 13 August (10:06am), Radio NZ interviewed Liz and profiled her involvement with CARES and the focus of her current Fulbright Scholarship in Boston.  Listen to […]


Innovative Robotic Hands

Never stop innovating!  The inspiring prosthetics research of Dr. Minas Liarokapis has been highlighted in the new University of Auckland media promotions.  Dr. Liarokapis specializes in robot grasping and manipulation, human-robot interaction and in bionics.  This includes prosthetic devices, rehabilitation and human augmentation devices, which can help amputees across the globe regain dexterity. Check out the Behind-the-Scenes information here: Never Stop […]